New Studio Procedures

What to bring with you:

  • A bag to contain ALL of your belongings
  • Water bottle
  • Mask
  • Gloves if required
  • A towel or small cushion for your head to lie on.
  • Any other of your own equipment you wish to use (but we will provide all the usual equipment


Coming into the Building:

Masks should be worn in the common areas in the Building. Please come dressed ready to move and arrive at the start time of your class.  Come down to the Studio once the corridor is clear. Please maintain physical distance in the corridors.

Arriving at the Studio:

Please wash your hands straight away. We will also be checking everyone's temperature.

Follow the one way system to your Reformer station. (Fill up from the far end of the Studio.)

Take all your personal belongings to your station, place your bag under your chair. You can remove your shoes and socks at the work station.

There will be a box of equipment for your personal use at the end of your Reformer. You will stay on the same piece of equipment throughout, or for Gyms you will be assigned a specific Reformer and Trapeze Table to work with. There will be no moving between stations. Gym programs will need to be modified to account for this.

We will avoid physical corrections as much as is possible. Let your teacher know if you have any strong feelings about this.

We ask that you all are respectful to others' preferred safe level of social distancing/hygiene procedures. Anxiety levels may be high but we hope to invoke the usual sense of warm welcome & calm in the studio. We want you to feel uplifted and rejuvenated by your visit.

We have bought wipeable straps for the Reformers but we also have some straps in stock If you would like to buy your own and bring them with you each time, please email us.

At this time the government guidelines do not require you to wear a mask while exercising and we are happy for you to use your own discretion. Unless you have a cold or hayfever etc we do ask that you wear your mask in common areas. Staff will be wearing visors.

At the end of your class:

put the equipment box back into the box and sanitise everything as you go. It will be deep cleaned between classes.

After your class,  Please leave the studio as quickly as it is safe and possible to do so, those nearest the door to leave first. Please avoid lengthy chats to other studio users to prevent bottlenecks. Please remember the teachers need to get on with cleaning.