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Kath Osgerby

I’ve done Pilates with Kath for many years and felt the benefit of her knowledge and expertise in many different ways – strength and improved posture for instance, help in treating and managing a difficult back problem.

Most recently she’s helped me with a knee problem. The problem is that when going downstairs my knee can, without warning, give way. This can also be accompanied by pain. The result is that for years, for fear of falling, I’ve had to go downstairs very slowly and always hanging onto a banister.

Pratim Saikia

I first met Kath for one on one appointments, a couple of years after my second back operation (anterior and posterior spinal fusion over ten vertebrae, on account of my scoliosis). I had some movement, but much of it was in pain, and it was far more limited than before my operations. I was quite weak too, relatively speaking. Over the last two years, my strength has increased, my movement has markedly improved, and I stand taller and straighter. I am more flexible than I was before my operations. The pain has decreased and, in some places, disappeared. Equally, at the same time, Kath educates, offering insight into the body and it’s movement, and the (elastic) interdependence between the two. I would recommend Kath to anyone and everyone, whatever their physical condition. She’s nice too!

Ann Jopson

I have been attending Kath's Pilates classes for some years now and they are truly amazing! I have scoliosis (corrected with some metal rods & wiring as a teenager), and after 2 pregnancies was left with trapped nerves due to compressed discs and a dodgy hip pulled out of alignment by my spine. At one point just walking was extremely painful, but with Kath's classes this is completely resolved! The difference the recent introduction of Oovs has made is more than I could ever have expected as well. My range of movement is, I think, better than many others. I would thoroughly recommend!

Ann Pelham

I've been doing Pilates with Kath for many years and I can honestly say that she has kept my body moving in a way that nothing and no-one else could have. She's a great teacher!


A great place to do Pilates. All of the instructors cater to the needs of their clients and make sure to find the perfect exercises for them. I always feel super relaxed and stretched after class. Can only recommend it.

Kate Holdsworth

Kath is an amazing and inspirational instructor. She's made such a difference to my life since my stroke 3 years ago. I now have the confidence in my body to enjoy life and love myself! I can't imagine my life without my weekly Pilates gym sessions, somatic classes and Kath!

Jane Hall

Walking and moving is a joy after a Pilates session with Kath. Her enthusiasm, wide and ever expanding knowledge coupled with endless patience has worked wonders coxing my stiff body back to life. Looking forward so much to continuing my Pilates voyage.


I wanted to thank you for the amazing classes you provided. I really enjoyed it. Thanks again to you and your amazing team!


I first came to Kath 15 years ago. Kath is a very good teacher and I was very impressed with the things that we did. So when she moved, I decided I was following her and have been coming to her classes ever since. Una, 85 years old and still a regular!

Lisa McLoughlin

Since starting reformer classes in January I've noticed a massive improvement in my movement and posture (my friends and family have noticed too). I recently started doing a gym program as well. After years of back problems I feel like I've got control of my body back. Classes are great fun and the atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming.

Vicky Eustace

Just a thank you for the amazing Pilates that ended up helping me all the way through pregnancy but more so labour and active birth! Using the techniques learned in Pre Natal class I managed to stay at home then stay active through my labour which really helped! The midwife even commented on how truly active the birth was and the breathing helping so much. Looking forward to Post- Natal class.


I have been doing Pilates with Kath for a number of years now and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. As well as being great fun, every session is different and tailored to my needs. Before Pilates I suffered with severe back pain and was very limited in what activities I could do. Thanks to Kath's expertise and the fantastic equipment in the studio, my body is completely transformed. From climbing enormous trees to hurtling down snow covered mountains at top speed, I have a whole lifetime of adventures to look forward to!

Sean Greensmith

Kath is an awesome Pilates instructor. She is always learning new things about the human body, meaning classes stay fresh and challenging. The feeling at the end of each class isn't something I've experienced with any gym class. You arrive knowing you'll be having some fun, being taught expertly, making your body do things it's likely never done before. And you leave feeling taller, relaxed, enriched and ready for anything life throws at you. It has become a way of life. And I'm thankful to Kath for her advice. The complete mind body experience.

Ian Young

Working with Kath for the past five years has done no less than change my body and my life beyond recognition. I came to see her after years of suffering with arthritis and huge restrictions in my walking and movement in hips and back. After having 121s my walking improved so much I stopped using a walking stick I had used for 20 years! I now attend gyms and her fun classes and also get regular Hendy massage from her which is blissful and keeps me moving and grooving. Can't recommend her highly enough, her ever growing knowledge of the body is such an asset and she is so good at sharing it.


Through one to one sessions and attending gym and mat classes, I believe that I have improved my balance, strength and coordination. Last week, I returned to a garden abroad that I visited 3 years ago. On my first visit, I was concerned about walking on the uneven surfaces, steep paths and stairs and the lack of handrails. On this visit, I realised that I wasn’t looking for handrails and wasn’t constantly looking down to check where I was walking. I moved around with much more confidence and ease and hence, more enjoyment. Thank you very much, Kath and team!

Liam O'Connor

At the age of 64 I ran the Yorkshire Marathon yesterday & managed to finish in under 6 hours . I am sure I would never have got to the start line without all the help I got from Kath and pilates over the last few years. I cannot recommend highly enough Headingley Pilates, whatever your aims and goals might be.